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Air duct heater

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Product overview:

Duct type electric heater is mainly used for air duct in heating, the specification is divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature in three forms, in the common structure is made of steel plate supporting the electric heating tube to reduce the vibration of the electric heating pipe, are equipped with ultra temperature control device in the connection box. On the other hand except in control with over temperature protection, also between the fan and air duct type electric heater with transport device, to ensure that the electric heater must start after the fan is started in a heater plus differential pressure device, to prevent machine fault, gas pressure duct type electric heater generally should not exceed 0.3Kg/cm2, such as more than above the pressure, please use the circulation type electric heater; low temperature heater type gas heating temperature is less than 160 DEG C; medium temperature is less than 260 DEG C; high temperature does not exceed 500 degrees.

Product features:

Through the air supply system, the gas entering the air duct type electric heater is formed into high temperature, and the high-pressure gas is discharged. The hot air produced by dry water, no static, not conductive, no burning, no explosion, no corrosion, no pollution, safe and reliable. It has been widely applied to aerospace, ordnance industry, chemical industry, power plant airslide gasification wind heating and electric dust wind and ash storage gasification grudge air heating etc..

Uniform distribution of high temperature resistance wire in high temperature stainless steel seamless tube, dense in the void fill in the thermal conductivity and crystallization of magnesium oxide powder properties have good insulation, this structure is not only advanced, high thermal efficiency, and uniform heating, when the high temperature resistance wire in a current passes through the heat generated by the surface diffusion to the metal tube crystal magnesia powder, and then pass to the heating or air to achieve the purpose of heating.

Product application:

The air duct type electric heater is used for industrial air duct, air conditioning duct and various industries. The air is heated by air to increase the temperature of the output air, and the air inlet is generally inserted in the transverse opening of the air duct. According to the operating temperature of the air duct, it can be divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. According to the wind speed in the air duct, the low wind speed, medium wind speed and high wind speed can be divided.



Contact Us

Address: No. 3 Dazhai Road, Baoying Development Zone, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

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