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Practicing the Hawaiian Art of "Joy-from-Within!"


"A haven of good energy in a place of strong energy, thank you for inviting us into your home. Love it! "

Naomi and Jonathan





"I came looking for an understanding of you and came out understanding myself. Thank you so much for the conversation, the spaces wide open and all that lies in between. (You) gave me a sense of timelessness, and with that a precious glimpse into the person I forgot I was and have always been."


Enjoy Solitude

Magic Creativity

Quiet Kinship
Pele's Island of Hawaii

When the angle of "kulana" (cultivating joy-from-within) is correct, angels of the ordinary world sing! :)

Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii A Call To the Soul

Yup, we have wayyy simplified!

Please tell us what you seek in terms of enjoying time/space together...and what you'd like to offer & share. :)

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Our joy these days is savoring simple, sacred, country-quirky, artistic, gently-focused time in a homelike environment with a small number of individuals...where intentions resonate a mutually win-win. soul-nourishing, sweet, practical "fit." :)

Old Friends & New Welcome.

Smoke/Alcohol/Drugs & Drama-FREE.

Monetary & Energetic Contributions Appreciated.

Contact: discoverkulana@hushmail.com

Thank you for your blessings!

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"Every day a unique experience. Every night a safe haven of respectful living. No loud tourist crowds. No drinking, drugs or drama

--how wonderful--

just kitties and birds, books and a home-cooked meal."

Michelle and Jeff

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