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"A haven of good energy in a place of strong energy, thank you for inviting us into your home. Love it! "

Naomi and Jonathan




"I came looking for an understanding of you and came out understanding myself. Thank you so much for the conversation, the spaces wide open and all that lies in between. (You) gave me a sense of timelessness, and with that a precious glimpse into the person I forgot I was and have always been."




on Pele's Island of Hawaii

When the angle of "kulana" (cultivating joy-from-within) is correct, angels of the ordinary world sing! :)

From: "Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii A Call To the Soul"

We have always loved sharing sacred time/space with wonderful people, but these days have transitioned away from the frequent comings & goings of previous eras. Now the focus is on savoring being more of a cozy, private "Home" and creative-spiritual- wild-nature-prioritzed "Preserve" ... which still sometimes welcomes old and new friends in various ways ... but is no longer any kind of public retreat or "community" space.

Our joy, when we share cooperative time/space now, is in savoring: simple, sacred, country-quirky, artistic, gently-focused time with a very intimate number of special individuals where mutual intentions resonate a win-win, sweet, practical, good "fit!"

Yup, we have wayyy simplified!

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So, dear friend, please tell us what it is you are seeking these days ... and what you'd like to offer & share ... and let's see if where we're each "at" feels like a beautifully complimentary fit?

And once a conversation between us has begun -- whether we choose to share sacred time/space together in person or not -- it would be great if we could bring each conversation to authentic completion ... for this kind of courtesy is part of the new, healthier, less hectic, more clear world we are -- in our own small potant ways -- helping with each action to co-create! :)

Smoke/Alcohol/Drugs & Drama-FREE Environment

Old Friends & New Welcomed as Able

Monetary & Energetic Contributions Always Appreciated

Everyone 100% Self-Responsible

Contact: discoverkulana@hushmail.com

Thank you for your blessings!

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"Every day a unique experience. Every night a safe haven of respectful living. No loud tourist crowds. No drinking, drugs or drama

--how wonderful--

just kitties and birds, books and a home-cooked meal."

Michelle and Jeff

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So we are no longer what we have been ... and still in the process of becoming what we will be. :D

Currently being more of a quiet Still-Point these days ... just making art in private retreats or with a few friends ... and practicing being in harmony with nature as it is here on the Big Island of Hawaii, rather than participating in how people -- even here in paradise -- so often try to control or improve on things.

And really, isn't being more of a place where loving rather than so much doing now rules a logical next step for the spiritually & creatively inclined who value the idea of "intentional community" & "world peace" ... towards actually becoming and furthering more peace in the world???

Been experimenting with things like letting wild grass & hawaiian medicinal take over some areas that used to be lawn, which has had the nice side effect of drawing more native tropical & endangered birds here...yay!

Neighborhood family of wild pigs have been helpful with our on-going permaculture transformation towards allowing low-growing groundcover to take hold (& thus never having to weedeat again!) ... though for the first time ever, some of our wild pig friends also managed to bypass fenced gardens, helping themselves to herbs & vegis!

So the creation of a new food-growing setup that will effectively (& without harm) discourage such future happy pig meals is underway ... and also trying the planting of pig-proof edibles, like red ginger bushes, the flowers of which make red zinger tea & the leaves of which are peppery delicious in salads. mmm mmm!

Continue to NOT allow acid-spraying on this land towards eradication of the small, singing tree frog (sacred in puerto rico) that made it to the islands ... along with being a safe No Hunding zone in support of wild mother pigs with their adorable spotted piglets ... all of which has led to this home (ex-retreat) feeling more like an informal Wild Nature (& Artist) Preserve these days ... which feels right, since it seems like one thing the Earth could use more of these days is just being left ALONE from even the best-intentioned interferences of Man!

(Perhaps one thing the planet has been trying to tell us with all the climactic changes underway?!)

Though the Kilauea pu'u o'o flow started up in a new part of the island, that area is luckily not near us ... but, like the changes being experienced world-wide, we are noticing general energetic & climate shifts ... like a recent long sunshiney time of No Rain in the rainforest!

So, the latest version of this living experiment continues, now seeing how human desires & nature can coexist, without the latter bending to the point of extinction towards serving the former.

It's an unusual priority to hold in a world where making money & accommodating humans has been King ... but this is the time of the Divine Feminine rising towards more harmony for all planet-wide, right?

So, will keep you posted as our new form of idyllic Garden develops ... :)

As always, anyone who spends time in this work-in-progress environment located on an active volcano is agreeing to be 100% responsible for their own health, safety, and for the safety of their belongings.

And, as always, contributions & words of support from near and far friends via the donations button above always most welcome and appreciated!

Blessings to you! :)

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