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Practicing the Hawaiian Art of "Joy-from-Within!"


"A haven of good energy in a place of strong energy, thank you for inviting us into your home. Love it! "

Naomi and Jonathan





"I came looking for an understanding of you and came out understanding myself. Thank you so much for the conversation, the spaces wide open and all that lies in between. (You) gave me a sense of timelessness, and with that a precious glimpse into the person I forgot I was and have always been."


Enjoy Solitude

Magic Creativity

Quiet Kinship
Pele's Island of Hawaii

When the angle of "kulana" (cultivating joy-from-within) is correct, angels of the ordinary world sing! :)

From: "Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii A Call To the Soul"

Rather than the frequent comings & goings of our previous reality ... these days the focus is on savoring more of a cozy home/private creative-spiritual retreat ... which still sometimes welcomes new and old friends.

Our joy, when we share Time/Space now, is in savoring simple, sacred, country-quirky, artistic, gently-focused time with a very intimate number of special individuals where intentions resonate with a mutually win-win. soul-nourishing, sweet, practical, good "fit!" :)

Yup, we have wayyy simplified!

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Please tell us what you seek.

And what you'd like to offer & share.

And once a conversation between us is begun, lets both please bring it to completion whether we choose to share time together in person or not...

...for this kind of courtesy is part of the new world we are, in our own small but potant ways, wishing to help co-create. :)

Old Friends & New Welcomed As Able!

Smoke/Alcohol/Drugs & Drama-FREE!

Monetary & Energetic Contributions Most Appreciated!

Contact: discoverkulana@hushmail.com

Thank you for your blessings!

Want to hear more Quotes from the experiences of past Kulana-ites?

"Every day a unique experience. Every night a safe haven of respectful living. No loud tourist crowds. No drinking, drugs or drama

--how wonderful--

just kitties and birds, books and a home-cooked meal."

Michelle and Jeff

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At the moment, here's what's NEW with...

The Weather!


Neighborhood family of wild pigs have been quite helpful cooperating with our on-going permaculture "Grounds Transformation" project...and, for the first time ever this year, they also managed to bypass our pallet & pig-fenced gardens, helping themselves to herbs & vegis!

So the creation of a new garden setup that will effectively (& without harm) discourage such future happy pig meals is now underway! ;)

Also, we've been experimenting with things like wild grass & hawaiian medicinal cultivation on some areas of the grounds that used to be lawn, which has had the nice side effect of drawing many more native tropical birds here...yay!

Plus we've been trying out the planting of pig-proof edibles, like red ginger bushes, the flowers of which make red zinger tea & the leaves of which are peppery delicious in salads. mmm mmm!   :)

And on a land-related note, though the local volcano has begun a new flow on island, luckily it is not in our area!

The Volcano!


Discover Kulana...discover your Best Self & Life!


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